About us (English)

H GET COZY was established in Norway in 2020. We are big consumers of fleece headbands and neck warmers all year round, and the idea of establishing our own brand began to take shape because the selection was very limited both domestically and abroad. The thought of making exactly the products we wanted took shape, and the idea of establishing a sustainable Norwegian brand with production in Norway became a reality.


H GET COZY spread quickly via social media, and we quickly gained customers across large parts of the country. We started small with sales via Instagram and launched an online store in the fall of 2021, and became available in several selected stores.

Some of the country's leading young top athletes in alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, and biathlon are our H GET COZY ambassadors. H GET COZY is used every day as a fashion garment, for training and other activities.

What H GET COZY wants to convey is a timeless exclusive design that is soft and warm against the skin, available in many colours, and has good quality with sustainable textiles. The products should be perfect for daily use to feel warm and trendy, as well as on training and other activities. It should tolerate a lot of use and frequent washing without losing shape and colour. Our choice fell on the soft and not least warm polar fleece. A textile in polyester that has a long lifespan, and which can easily be recycled. We will continue to explore textiles and fleece types going forward, to always offer the best and most sustainable.

Production of H GET COZY takes place in Norway because we want to support Norwegian industry and craftsmanship, and because we want to be sure that the people who produce our products work under proper conditions. We want to have control of our own value chain to conduct ethical trade in all links. Local production also means that we have a short delivery time and can produce large volumes in a short time.

There is no one who produces fleece fabric in Norway as far as we know, but we also want to have control over the fabric production being sustainable and ethically correct. We therefore collaborate with a recognized Italian textile factor company that produces fleece in Italy for H GET COZY.